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Bamboo curtain cleaning and protection tips
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In the curtain in modern decoration it has basically become an essential household decorations, but after a long time will inevitably be linked to contaminated dust, but also because most of the curtains in a large, but so many people subconsciously think that bother cleaning curtain time labor things, and in particular the type of bamboo curtain, but the price is expensive, but it is easy to damage cleaning not file looks and quality of the bamboo curtain. And then the bamboo curtain in how to clean it? And really what skills it?

Bamboo curtain cleaning tips

Instead of high-grade bamboo curtain rhyme flavored, and therefore bamboo curtain in maintenance and cleaning is crucial:

Before using bamboo curtain protection

And if used in the home is such a famous curtain, but it is recommended that before you use the best cleaning agent sprayed on a release or furniture wax protection also, and every 1-3 months with a dry cloth or hair stroking.

Bamboo curtain cleaning tips

1, but do not use a damp cloth to wipe the bamboo curtain, but you can avoid leaving blots. But do need some of the wooden shutter was washed with water, and a moderate increase in the application of soft brush detergent (such as dish detergent or washing powder, etc.), but then rinse with running water and wipe dry after (not in sun exposure, or easily fade).

2, but may be flexible or shutter curtain finished curtain which is currently used in more of a household curtains. But clean first window closed, and in the amount of water sprayed thereon or polishing agent, but then wiped with a rag, but can be maintained for a long time the curtain was clean and bright.

3, but also in the curtain rope was at, but can be used a soft bristle brush to gently wipe. If the curtain is dirty, but you can with a rag dipped in some warm open water soluble detergent, but can also be used to wipe a little ammonia solution. But some parts useful for gluing, and in these positions do not pay attention to the water, but some of the more upscale finished screens can be waterproof, but also in the water would not be especially careful of.

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