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Bamboo curtain and style tips
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Bamboo curtains simple and smooth, natural, fresh, its ambiguous way, it is a bit shy flavor of traditional Chinese woman. Bamboo curtain also has shade, ventilation, comfortable, cool, etc., hanging in the room, generating a sense of back to nature, make us feel comfortable, it is the summer home yield.

Style bamboo curtain divided into the following categories:

Practical sliding screens ---

Applications that require barrier room and floor to ceiling windows in here and push on a bamboo curtain, both beautiful and practical, but also for the study with glass doors, not only looks cool and breathable, sound effects are good.

Sliding curtain close up less space, started revealing a trace of light, people have a vague sense of space, but also very quiet aroma bamboo Anna.

Roll --- easy

If the windows are more suitable while the area are not very big, more suitable for use bamboo shutter to decorate. In particular study, living room windows, can produce a deep culture.

Shutter does not occupy space, drapes in pastel colors, landing roll ride, all trace of poetic. In recent years, the popular green, brown shutter, changed the traditional wood shutter single tone color bamboo curtain.

--- Chic folding screens

Suitable for larger windows, such as living room, bedroom and so on. Shutter function with almost the main difference lies in the style, folding bamboo can be folded into a stack cable, any given height, easy to use, does not occupy space.

Sun, heat, dust, wear. Color styles, colors natural type, refreshing green, brown nostalgic type, etc. to choose from, which restrained solemn decorative effect, the high-grade space to the extreme interpretation.

Buy bamboo curtains, the best choice of primary colors. Primary bamboo, not eye-catching, low-key, for the vast majority of home environment. In addition, bamboo is not suitable for use at night, especially in the bedroom. When the indoor than outdoor and bright, it do not work well outside security role. Of course, the solution is combined with other materials together with the curtains.

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